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The Short Course Layout

The Beginners and Juniors Layout

The SHORT COURSE layout at SGGC is a revolutionary way to make golf more accessible and enjoyable for everyone - including newbies to golf and golfers ages 4 and up.


The layout is designed to offer a less daunting experience for juniors and beginners, allowing them to learn basic fundamentals and play at their own pace.

For more seasoned golfers, this layout is a great way to sharpen iron skills.


By focusing on family-friendly fun, the Short Course layout encourages participation from all ages, fostering a love for the game and potentially cultivating the next generation of golf enthusiasts.

The Short Course layout is also perfect for:

  • Women’s Golf Clinics

  • Junior Golf Clinics

  • Tournaments for Class reunions or Family reunions

  • Graduation parties

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties

short course ad front_edited.png
short course map_edited.png
short course scorecard grid_edited.jpg
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