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Our hitting bay allows for up to 4 players.



  • Check out the latest in golf simulator technology!

  • APOGEE was designed for indoor golf, utilizing ultra-high-speed cameras and a new array of INSTANT IMPACT vision algorithms. 

  • APOGEE collects shot data from the club and ball without any need for marked, or specialty equipment.

2023 simulator full pic .jpg
2023 simulator screen .jpg
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SGGC is a Northeast USA Showroom for the new

Voice Activated Apogee Golf Simulator

by TruGolf




  • Get together with friends in a relaxed setting in our clubhouse.

  • LEAGUES are welcome.

2023 simulator burke hitting.jpg


  • Stats are extremely ACCURATE!



  • Ball Speed

  • Backspin

  • Side Spin

  • Vertical Launch Angle

  • Horizontal Launch Angle

  • Clubhead Speed

  • Club Face Angle

  • Club Path

2023 simulator screen stats.jpg
What golfers are saying about the new Apogee Golf Simulator ...

“The upgrades are amazing, the visuals are higher quality, and swing readings are more in-depth!! The video of every swing at impact helps you make adjustments you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. Overall very impressive upgrade.”


Corey C. +1 hdcp.


"The expanded hitting bay is extremely comfortable and the hitting surface is very forgiving on the joints. The large display is extremely clear with great graphics. This golf simulator has all the "bells and whistles" you could want to practice or play. Multiple driving range options allow for all forms of practice."


Jay M. 6 hdcp.


"Wow - what a great experience.  You have a first class set-up - I felt like a pro working on my game …… I'll be back."


Joe Z. low hdcp. player


“This new golf simulator is a home run! The color graphics, golf swing number accuracy and immediate data feedback are excellent! I would recommend all who want to improve there golf game to sign up with Coach McAlarney to get your swing on the correct path."


Mark C. low hdcp. player, former college coach


“This TruGolf apogee simulator has all the tools to work on every facet of the game.  The high speed camera gives instantaneous feedback on face angle through the impact zone.  A few hours a week on this simulator will get players of all skill levels much more consistent.”

Eamon Evans 2x-Re Max Long Driving Finalist.


"This new state of the art simulator delivers an outstanding golf experience. It delivers data on swing path, spin and launch angles and a number of other data points to help improve your game. It has opportunities to play a large number of outstanding courses."

Tim W. mid hdcp player


"This is one of the most visually clear and accurate golf simulators that I have ever used!!  I will be a regular user on this apogee system!!"

Joe M.  low hdcp. player 

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